Open source waitlist management and analytics platform

Validate your ideas fast. Ship even faster.


How it works

Entrybase lets you take control of your waitlist and choose who you want to invite and when. Launch on your terms.

In-Depth Analytics

Harness rich analytics for deeper insights. Make data-driven decisions to refine your waitlist strategy.

Custom Invitations

Craft tailored invitations that resonate with your audience. With customizable templates, your invites will always hit the right note.


Seamless API Integration

Add to your existing workflow with our API. Seamlessly integrate your waitlist into your website or app.

Custom Domains

Seamlessly integrate your waitlist into your website with custom domains. Provide a consistent, professional look across your digital presence.


Fully Open Source

Fully open source. We believe in the power of open source and the community. Feel free to review, learn from, and contribute to our codebase.


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